Hiroshima - 3rd Generation Exhibition: Succeeding to History

Permanent Exhibition


Photography exhibition ~ Bombed buildings tell the stories of Hiroshima, Past & Present

Displays photos of bombed building which were taken at exact same angles in 1945 and 2015.
Past: provided by Hiroshima Peace memorial museum (collection) Present: provided by Makoto Oikawa and Sanae Yamamoto (taken in 2015)

“Picture book: Hiroshima's atomic bombing (Fukuinkan Publishers Inc.)” Original illustration Exhibition

Displays original illustrations of Mr. Shigeo Nishimura, a famous Japanese author of children's books. This book is a prize-winning book of the 43th Sankei Children's books award.


Reading corner of Hiroshima books

Mini free library space for reading books, picture books, photo books, Manga related to HIROSHIMA stories. (“BAREFOOT GEN”, “The Spirit of Hiroshima” etc.)

Exhibitions and Displays

Panels of actual situations in August 1945 and bombed real Materials Provided courtesy of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (Panels) and Reibun Kayo, Researcher of Hiroshima University (Materials)

Interview of Reibun Kayo

Exhibitions & Displays (about Kanagawa peace memorial documents and facilities)

Displays panels and photographs about actual wartime situation in Yokohama City and Kanagawa peace memorial museum.


Exhibitions of Interviews with people to succeed Hiroshima's Memories

Following the last year's interviews, we had more 16 interviews with various people including victims of atomic bomb, Mr. Yoichi Ishiwata who lives in Kanagawa, who is Hiroshima City's 2nd period staff of people development project to succeed bombed Hiroshima stories.
You can see the interview contents through brochures, panels and website.

Interviews with Hiroshima memory keepers


Peace Messages for digital lantern

Throwing your own peace messages to send to HIROSHIMA by digital lantern floating
Developed by Archetype Ventures Inc. Japan
Sounds by Mami Kamata


Your actions for Peace

Please choose your actions for peace and stamp them with a crane.
Eraser Stamp Artist:Tomoko Tsukui